The restoration of classical antiquity monuments in Greece during the last twenty years



In the last twenty years the Greek Ministry of Culture, funded by the European programmes of the 3rd CSF and the NSRF, realises large-scale preservation, conservation and enhancement projects on important monuments and archaeological sites all around Greece. Significant position among them have these that belong to the period of classical antiquity because they are often in ruined conditions, and they are structured with the use of large blocks without any mortar; in addition, they are not an exception but there is exist a large number of these monuments to deal with.

These interventions follow on the first hand, the guidelines set by international statutory provisions, such as the Venice Charter, and on the other, the methodology developed by the Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments as far back as 1975. The unique character of every monument though, defines the final result.

The presentation will focus on discussing typical restoration works carried out on important archaeological sites in Greece, whereas the project of restoring the Acropolis monuments will have the pivotal role in the discussion.