Tiberiu VASILESCU, Radu-Alexandru DRAGOMAN, Iulian BĪRZESCU, Cătălin NICOLAE (Institutul de Arheologie Vasile Pārvan, București, Romānia)

Sites and monuments from Romanian Dobruja in ARIADNEplus: a special regard to Ottoman mosques and cemeteries


The paper presents an overview of the research carried out by members of the Vasile Pārvan Institute of Archaeology (Romanian Academy, Bucharest) within the ARIADNEplus project regarding the material heritage in Dobrogea. The main purpose of the approach was to identify, record and register in a database categories of sites and monuments hitherto ignored, such as those from the Ottoman period or the recent past. In addition, well-known “classical” archeological sites, such as the Neolithic and Greek ones, were included. Taking as a case study the mosques and Muslim cemeteries of the Ottoman period, we will argue that the project can contribute not only to a greater visibility among the general public of these sites and monuments long overlooked, but also, or perhaps especially, to an understanding of the memories contained by the Ottoman heritage, opening up new research directions.